We are a tech partner of choice for businesses 

handling large amounts of data

e.g. banking and finance, retail systems, medical industry,
telecoms, transportation, etc.
But it's not like everyone
will now come running
to us, eager to be our
clients. Especially not the
Swedes (if we've
gotten to know them
well so far, and we
believe we have).
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Here’s our

tech stack

Artificial Intelligence
Customization & integration of AI tools
Spark, Kafka, Airbyte, NoSQL Databases, Data Mesh, Data Lakes and Data Warehouses, dbt, Hadoop
Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD, Service Orchestration, 
Monitoring and Logging, Configuration Management
Infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean), Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes)
React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, HTML5/CSS3, Microfrontends
Java, Python, Node.js, Microservice Architecture
Kotlin Flow, MVVM design pattern, Hilt, Android Jetpack, Java
Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, SPM

Things we’re
really good at

We do FinTech & RegTech

Operating in multiple markets requires adequate payment methods for each of them and cooperating with a number of providers, which is costly.
We can help, with years of experience in Open Banking, Credit Card payments and PCI/DSS compliance, e-wallet payments… 

We are also well versed in methods of user verification and legal requirements in many European markets. Our skills cover complex Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Fraud prevention systems.
BTW, we are ISO 27001 certified.

Because we take information security very seriously.

It may seem like today's buzzword and a trend, but we believe there's no going back

AI can already help us easily do and afford solutions that were just recently difficult and costly. The genie is out of the bottle. Things are happening fast and businesses need to keep pace. 

The first thing is the culture. To facilitate the adoption of AI within our own organization, we developed HAIP (HOOLOOVOO AI Playground), a highly customizable aggregate of various available AI models, serving as our internal AI resource - easy to use, highly secure and cost-effective. Designed for building AI-forward culture and cross-department collaboration, it features advanced metrics, AI assistants, and robust encryption. Over 40% of our people now habitually use AI in their daily work and feel good and safe about it. We can help others do the same.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay

Our expertise in Data, AI tools and the possibilities of combining technologies can help companies dealing with lots of data improve their operations and experience of their clients and users.

Let's see some examples, things we really did or are doing right now for our clients.

Contracts with our clients prevent us from fully disclosing the technical details of our collaboration, but we're sure you'll get the picture.

a huge platform needs

Since 2016, we’ve grown alongside our client  Kindred Group (formerly Unibet Group Plc).
It's one of the largest iGaming operators in the world and consists of nine brands, among them Unibet, 32Red and Maria Casino. 

The Group offers products such as online casino, online poker, online bingo, and sports betting. With millions of users and a platform processing tens of millions of transactions daily, Kindred Group is our biggest client.
The majority of our engineers are working on the development of their platform, in the following domains:

Data & supply chain optimization

We have a happy and growing cooperation with a large international fashion retailer
Unfortunately, we can not disclose their name due to our confidentiality agreement, but we are helping them in the domain of Data, working on the data mesh solution, and in the Supply Chain domain.
We build data products that onboard data coming from varied sources to GCP and enable data users, e.g. ML Engineers, Business Analysts etc in delivering business outcomes.
We are optimizing the supply chain through following the data mesh architecture, creating data products that adhere to prescribed standards. This includes writing data transformations, building and maintaining ELT and ETL pipelines through infrastructure as code (IaaC) tools, specifically Terraform, and handling communication between the source team and business consumers.

Among our clients is one of the largest video tech firms, a platform for serving online video advertisements

The client had difficulties with scaling their platform. We helped them improve their cloud infrastructure, to make it scalable. We made the system able to handle several times more load while optimizing costs at the same time. 

We increased the platform's performance by 25%, while at the same time reducing the infra costs by 20%. We reconciled manually added resources to IaC, improved monitoring, added observability for all client tenants, separated different service types for better utilization.

Confidentiality Disclaimer

Please note that in this website, we maintain a level of confidentiality regarding our clients' identities and operations. The details provided here are to illustrate our capabilities and expertise without revealing specific client information. Thank you for your understanding.

Boosting an online video ads platform

Now you know what we can do for you.
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